Experience the advantages of Sauer Compressors

Seagoing people are some of the most experienced, hands-on individuals in today’s technical world. They know what they are talking about. After all, they have to keep their ship operational, even under the most extreme conditions. Their skills are the result of years of evolution, acquired through learning from mistakes and accomplishments as well as from experience and expertise handed down from generation to generation. These people deserve compressors which have been developed in the same way – through evolution – and not revolutionary designs developed on a purely theoretical basis in laboratories and universities. Take a closer look at Sauer compressors for commercial shipping and eXperience the advantages of evolution in compressor design.

Easy maintenance

Sauer compressors are easy to maintain. 4 simple maintenance routines and the Easy Care Concept allow even inexperienced crews to carry out the work when necessary. The maintenance intervals are fixed and are guaranteed including safety margins. We are of the opinion that systems to monitor the intervals electronically can never replace the responsibility and experience of the ship’s crew.

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