J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH

Who we are

J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH is the parent company of Sauer Compressors and also functions as the group’s head office. Its headquarters in Kiel are situated on the oldest of all the company’s sites and enjoy a beautiful setting close to the Baltic Sea coast and the Kiel Canal. Famous for its shipping tradition and the Kiel Week sailing regatta, the maritime city of Kiel offers excellent logistical links to Hamburg. Indeed, the largest city in the region with its seaport and airport is only 100 kilometres away.

The Sauer Compressors group is managed from its Kiel base. The fact that all important departments including Sales & Marketing, Construction & Design, Service & Training and Purchasing are just a few steps away from each other ensures flexibility and speeds up the decision-making process. All subsidiary companies are flexibly linked to the Kiel headquarters and source the compressors they sell directly from here.

The Kiel site is also the group’s second-largest production facility. All types of low and medium-pressure compressors arriving from the Sauer plant in Zandov are finished off here. At the same time, the Kiel plant produces all of Sauer's high-pressure compressors for naval and industrial applications. The final test-stand checks, which take at least 16 hours for each compressor, as well as most customer and classification approvals also take place here. As a result, our customers can be sure that they are getting a top-quality, German-made product.

Kiel – Sauer Compressor’s centre of excellence!



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