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Seismic Exploration

Seismic air guns are used to find oil and gas underneath the seabed. Towed behind a vessel, air guns are mechanical devices with metal flaps that release high pressure air underwater. The air bubbles expand, generating seismic waves that reach the seabed. The reflections from these waves are received by a ‘streamer’ which then provides detailed information about the structure of the seabed and possible oil and gas fields.

What are Sauer Compressors used for?
  • Supplying high pressure air for the air gun
Who are Sauer Compressors’ customers?
  • Seismic operators
  • Research industries
  • Shipyards
  • Packagers
Which Sauer product ranges are used?

Product ranges: HURRICANE, 5000, 6000
Variants: Basic
Volumetric flow: 120 – 720 m³/h | 2 – 12 m³/min | 70 – 420 scfm
Pressure range: 120 – 207 bar (g) | 1700 – 3000 psig
Medium: Air

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