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Breathing Air, Fire and Safety

In situations where safety depends on high product availability, robust, high-pressure compressors are imperative. This is precisely why Sauer compressors are used for applications such as supplying breathing air for deep divers or diving chambers, or for fire-extinguishing systems, where they may be required to operate at any time under the most extreme conditions. Rather than making compromises, customers rely on the certified quality of Sauer Compressors.

What are Sauer Compressors used for?
  • Stationary fire-extinguishing systems
  • Supplying breathing air
  • Supplying Nitrox
  • Supplying Heliox
Who are Sauer Compressors’ customers?
  • Manufacturers of fire systems
  • Platform equipment suppliers
  • Manufacturers of diving chambers
Which Sauer product ranges are used?

Product ranges: PASSAT, HURRICANE, TORNADO, 6000
Variants: Basic, BasBreath, BasSeal, ComSilent, ComBreath, ComSeal
Volumetric flow: 10 – 2000 m³/h | 0,2 – 33 m³/min | 6 – 1200 scfm
Pressure range: 40 – 400 bar (g) | 80 – 5800 psig
Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Argon, Heliox, Nitrox

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