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SNAs (nuclear-powered attack submarines) such as the Royal Navy’s Astute class, SSBNs (ballistic missile submarines) such as the French Triomphant class or SSKs (diesel-powered attack submarines) such as the famous German Type U 214 are just a few of the many areas where Sauer’s high-pressure compressors are used.

Sauer has been developing products for submarines for over 50 years. Throughout this period, its naval compressors have consistently set new standards in terms of quality and performance.

Our wealth of experience, ongoing development work and renowned international customers whose fleets use our systems have made Sauer Compressors the world leader for submarine compressors.

Sauer submarine compressors:
  • WP4253/54 and WP4261/62 series (horizontal in-line cylinder type) with up to 350 bar and 130 m³/h
  • WP5500 and WP5000 (vertical radial cylinder type) with up to 400 bar and 160 m³/h
  • TGM60 and TGM150 (vertical or horizontal swash plate design) with up to 250 bar and 200 m³/h and 
  • WP3232 and TGM 15 (top-up and atmospheric-control compressors) with 12 m³/h and 15 m³/h respectively
Advantages of Sauer submarine compressors:

The high-pressure compressors in the WP5000 range are innovative yet robust at the same time. They feature a vertical crankshaft which offers unique advantages such as low structure-borne noise, low maintenance requirements and a compact design. They offer an unrivalled combination of cutting-edge design, robustness, high performance and reliability.

The highly-sophisticated TGM Series has been successfully used in French-designed submarines for decades. It has an extremely low level of structure-borne noise and a unique compact design which allows the complete compressor to be carried onto or off the vessel via a pathway which is only 68 cm wide.

The WP4253/54 and WP4261/62 Series was launched more than 50 years ago. Its established, proven design is ideal for use in traditional submarine applications.

The air-cooled WP3232 and water-cooled TGM15 are small top-up compressors. They are an ideal solution for atmospheric control and as back-up units.

Complete NATO codification and full logistical back-up ensure the high level of support required by naval fleets.

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