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Fast Patrol Boats

Sauer Compressors offers its renowned, highly-robust WP3232 compressor for FPBs (fast patrol boats) or FACs (fast attack craft) such as the Turkish Kilic class, the world-famous Lürssen FPBs such as the UAE Navy’s FPB44 or CMN’s popular La Combattante class which has long been used by many different navies.

Particularly compact and lightweight yet extremely robust, Sauer’s WP3232 high-pressure air compressor is a key feature in many vessels of this type.

With our wealth of experience and renowned international customers whose fleets use our systems, Sauer’s WP3232 is the world leader when it comes to compressors for fast patrol boats and attack craft.

Sauer compressors for fast patrol boats:
  • 3-stage, air-cooled high-pressure unit (type WP3232) with up to 230 bar and 15 m³/h
  • Reducing stations, shockproof air receivers and air dryers
  • Breathing-air compressors and equipment
Advantages of Sauer compressors:

Small, fast ships require extremely compact, high-performance air compressors. Given the space and weight constraints, a Centralised Air System is used on the majority of vessels (-> link to extra page with benefits of Centralised System). This offers considerable benefits in terms of reliability, logistics and the maintenance costs over the system’s operating life.

The renowned WP3232 model has been in service for more than 50 years now and is the world’s bestselling high-pressure naval compressor. Its precursor, one of the world’s first ever lightweight compressors, is on show at the German Technical Museum in Munich.

Thanks to constant upgrades, the WP3232 remains a modern, state-of-the-art unit yet still maintains its legendary robustness and basic features.

A particular advantage of this model is the fact that it can be operated in small engine rooms where ambient temperatures can exceed 60°C. Such temperatures are frequently encountered in vessels operating in the Gulf Region for example.

Complete NATO codification and full logistical back-up ensure the high level of support required by naval fleets.

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