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Research institutions and universities

The fact that universities as well as state and private research institutions carry out extremely demanding work means that they rely on top-quality components in order to achieve highly accurate results. Downtime and extended experimental periods reduce competitiveness and waste funds which have been allocated for research purposes. In the field of helium recovery and liquefaction, Sauer compressors can optimise the process – with a maximum leakage rate of just 0.1 mbar x l/s. Their economical design comes into its own in ultrasound tests in wind tunnels or vehicle crash tests – two applications which require high volumes in an extremely short period. Sauer compressors save time and reduce costs, making it possible to carry out more tests at shorter intervals.

What are Sauer Compressors used for?
  • Metrology
  • Ultrasound wind tunnels
  • Nano-coatings
  • Helium recovery
  • Crash tests as part of vehicle development
Who are Sauer Compressors’ customers?
  • Universities
  • Research centres
  • Metrological institutions
  • Automotive research institutions
Which Sauer product ranges are used?

Product ranges: PASSAT, TORNADO, HURRICANE, 6000
Variants:  Basic, BasSeal, ComSilent, ComSeal
Volumetric flow: 50–2000 m³/hr
Pressure range: 20–420 bar (g)
Medium: Air, helium

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