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Checking and testing

All products which are to be used under a certain pressure must undergo initial testing at a pressure which is many times greater than that required. If necessary, their gastightness must also be checked when using highly volatile gases. Although water was previously used to carry out pressure checks, an improved procedure involving air, nitrogen or helium is now used instead. During leakage checks, Sauer compressors help to recycle the gas which escapes, e. g. helium, and then return it to the process. The advantages are plain to see. Individual process steps, for example cleaning and drying during water checks, are shortened or can be dispensed with entirely. In addition, the loss of expensive gases can be avoided.

What are Sauer Compressors used for?
  • Checking brakes and other components under pressure
  • Checking airbags and other components under pressure
  • Checking injection systems under pressure
  • Checking the gastightness of components using helium
  • Checking valves and other fittings under pressure
  • Checking containers under pressure
  • Checking of coolant containers and heat exchangers
Who are Sauer Compressors’ customers?
  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Manufacturers of valves and other fittings
  • Manufacturers of pressurised containers
Which Sauer product ranges are used?

Product ranges: PASSAT, HURRICANE, 6000
Variants: BasBooster, ComBooster, BasSeal, ComSeal
Volumetric flow: 50–2000 m3/ hr
Pressure range: 20–420 bar (g)
Medium: Air, nitrogen, helium

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