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125 years of measured management and sound judgement

In today’s already fast-moving world, the pace of change never ceases to increase. Trends and fashions come and go all the time, and business management is by no means immune. Many people will therefore find it difficult to comprehend the fact that the story of the Sauer Group began 125 years ago. However eventful our company history may have been, we nevertheless pride ourselves on having always lived by our values and creating the long-term stability which has got us to where we are today.

A considerable number of traditional, established company names have disappeared in recent years. At the same time, other companies have appeared out of nowhere, experienced rapid growth and, in many cases, disappeared again just as quickly. This is particularly true in today’s new economy. Corporate groups alternate between focusing and diversifying their activities or between centralised and decentralised structures. Elsewhere, medium-sized companies try their luck by floating on the stock exchange.

There are many different reasons why businesses can go under. However, companies frequently collapse as a result of being overly confident, failing to evolve, overestimating their own capabilities, neglecting to develop their organisation further and, most importantly, failing to focus adequately on their markets and customers.

Sauer & Sohn’s eventful past – particularly in the last 40 years – tells a different story, the story of a company which developed slowly but steadily, taking one careful step at a time. A company which made bold entrepreneurial decisions when this was appropriate and always acknowledged the pressure of the markets and the competition rather than becoming complacent. The success of the company is mainly down to its ongoing efforts to create a stable financial footing, its policy of working constantly on new innovations and the fact that it has never lost sight of its customers.

Its past also tells the story of a company which has always regarded its skilled and motivated members of staff as its most important asset and the team spirit which unites these people as the driving force behind its success.

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