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What does WP mean at Sauer Compressors?

WP stands for Wilhelm Poppe, who founded the company in the year 1884. Sauer Compressors today still uses the traditional abbreviation in their compressor designations. As this tradition is important to us, we have had the abbreviation registered as a word brand and protected.

What is SF 6 Gas and does Sauer have compressors for this gas?

In power distribution, sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) is also used with the power switches in order to effectively reduce and break arcs. SF6 is used in completely enclosed switchgear as it is the most powerful of all known greenhouse gases with a greenhouse potential of around 22,800 times than that of carbon dioxide (CO2). Sauer does not have any suitable compressor for this gas, but Sauer Compressors does supply a large number of standard compressors as arc breakers for electrical switchgear.

Up to what ambient temperatures can Sauer compressors be used as standard?

Sauer compressors can be used without any further measures in temperatures from +5 to +55° Celsius incl. electronic control. On request and subject to testing, up to 60°C. With additional heating, also in minus temperatures of course.

Does Sauer Compressors also offer oil-free solutions?

Of course! Sauer can supply all compressors with appropriate filtration for Class 1 in accordance with DIN 8573-1. This corresponds to technically oil-free air, better than the ambient air we breathe.

It is normally said that reciprocating compressors are suitable for short periods of operation only, and if possible should not be allowed to run uninterrupted. Is that true?

It is true for the mass of the simple reciprocating compressors from diverse large industrial manufacturers, whose large-scale business is screw-type compressors. These low-cost compressors are normally approved for max. 40 minutes operation, to allow them to cool down afterwards in order to prevent heat damage. Sauer compressors are different, and better than the normal industry standard. All compressors are suitable for 24/7 continuous duty using normal mineral oil, under the toughest conditions. The principle “the longer the compressors run, the better” applies at Sauer too. However, a start/stop mode of operation is also possible without any problems.

Does Sauer also supply compressors for breathable air applications?

Yes, Sauer also supplies compressors in the breathable air sector in compliance with DIN EN12021 and diverse navy standards. In the Navy sector Sauer is one of the leading suppliers, as we attach great importance to high quality as well as to customer-specific solutions and high fill-up capacities. In the field of simple submersible air compressors for small mobile applications, the design quality of Sauer is too high as in this field the number of operating hours is sometimes only 50 per year or less.

Are Sauer compressors tested before they are delivered?

Of course. No Sauer compressor leaves the plant in Kiel without first having been subjected to an endurance test lasting at least 16 hours on the modern test stands. In addition, every compressor is awarded a 3.1 test certificate, which is not usual for compressors.

Are helium compressors also tested with nitrogen at Sauer and delivered?

No. Each helium compressor from Sauer is tested with helium and also supplied with a helium fill so that each customer can start production immediately and does not have to use expensive helium to purge other gases. In addition, each customer receives a test certificate, showing that a gas outlet and gas inlet leak test was carried out on the compressor. If necessary, even under water.

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